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We at Cassia are going all out to try and be inclusive of everyone no matter their needs, we have reached out to special needs families, groups and organisations for help in ensuring we cover all aspects and we have confirmed all of the below to ensure we can accommodate everyone.


Mobiloo will be on site from 3.30pm (opening) on the Friday until 10.30pm (closing) on the Sunday enabling those requiring it to have to opportunity to camp.

Chill Zone

We have made the decision to have a ‘chill zone’ which is a small marquee solely for the purpose of people with sensory issues to escape the noise (we’ve put it in the quietest area possible), crowds, lights and generally anything which can cause sensory overload. This marquee is solely for sensory issues it is not an area to meet up, each lunch, sit and take a few minutes to relax.


We are delighted to have been able to confirm workshops that are inclusive and have taken advice from disabled families when booking some of our workshops.


Lots of Cassia staff will be undertaking basic Makaton training so we can help those who have difficulty communicating.

Wheelchair friendly

Our venue is a field so is not a flat level concrete area but we have tarmac  paths  around  the  fields  and  we have stewards walking the entire site in the days running up to Cassia ensuring any pits that may cause an issue will be dealt with while this does not guarantee that there will not be any issues we will do our very best to limit the issues as much as possible.

Carers tickets


Carers will need to purchase valid tickets to gain entry to Cassia and while we have taken on board the argument that carers tickets should be free as a small first year festival not expecting a profit and having spent thousands of pounds extra ensuring that we accommodating to all we do not feel that it would be fair to raise the price of all tickets to allow carers free access. We apologise if you do not agree but it was a decision team Cassia thought was fairest.

Accesible camping


Accesible ccamping will be in a cordoned off area whilst still being in the camping field enabling everyone to still feel part of the festival. It is the closest area to the event field and will have an accesible portaloo in. If you require a space inside the accesible camping area please message us after you’ve purchased your tickets and we will allocate a space within that area for you.

Viewing platform


While Cassia has a main outdoor stage it also have an indoor stage, an arena, a children’s marquee and much more it has been decided that a disabled viewing platform would not work as there would need to be one at each stage and as the area is open planned it would inhibit the movement of visitors and could pose a health and safety issue so with this in mind there will be no special viewing platforms but we are sure that everyone will be able to see the stages and enjoy the shows.