Frequently Asked Questions


What time does Cassia open & close

Our camping field opens at midday on Friday  30th  August  enabling campers to get set up and comfortable before main event field opens at 4pm day visitors can gain access to event from 4pm on Friday 30th and 10am on both Saturday 31st and Sunday 1st.

Our event field will be open until midnight each evening for both campers and day ticket holders. The camping field will close at 12 noon on Monday 2nd September. 

Can we bring our dog?

Sorry we are a dog free site

Campfires & Barbecues

Sorry absolutely no campfires or barbecues allowed


All our bars will be operating a strict challenge 25 policy so please if you are lucky enough to be or look younger than 25 please ensure you bring valid photo ID or you will be refused alcohol.

You may bring your own alcohol into the camping field but will not be allowed to bring it into main event area and anyone caught drinking alcohol in camping field who is believed to be under 25 will be asked to provide ID if they can not prove their age the alcohol will be removed by our security staff and the security staff have the right to remove the individual from the venue.


If you put yourself into a position that requires our security team to talk to you for example intoxiacated though drugs or drink, being obnoxious, rude, threatening or violent or if you bring a banned item on site (see below for banned items) you will be at risk of being escorted off the premises immediately. We reserve the right to refuse re-entry to anyone who is removed by our security team. Our security team have the right to stop and check wristbands and bags when and where necessary.

Prohibited Items

Any form of illegal drug

All so called legal highs


Anything deemed a weapon eg knuckle dusters

No alcohol to be brought into event field at any time